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Vacationing? Be Prepared For Dental Emergencies


PICTURE THIS: YOU AND YOUR FAMILY HAVE BACKPACKED to a gorgeous mountain lake. You’re about to…

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June is Migraine Awareness Month


FOR MIGRAINE SUFFERERS, IT MAY SEEM AS THOUGH there are only two options—either suffer in silence…

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The Role Of Calcium And Vitamin D In Keeping Teeth Healthy


OUR NUTRITIONAL AND DIETARY PREFERENCES are not only widely varied, they also…

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Why Our Practice Has A Facebook Page


FOR US, IT’S ALL ABOUT ONE-TO-ONE RELATIONSHIPS and being easily accessible to you…

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Like Us On Facebook

DO YOU GET TIRED OF BUSINESSES SCREAMING, “HEY!!! WE’RE ON FACEBOOK!” when it doesn’t really mean anything FOR YOU!? So are we. It just seems goofy. Lots of businesses have “jumped on the bandwagon” because they think they’re “supposed” to

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Follow Us On Twitter

OK… If you’re already a Twitter user, you get it… So, just follow us! If you’re NOT using Twitter yet, you’re probably thinking, “What the heck is Twitter, and why should I care?!” We understand, and here’s a quick course:

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