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How Sour Candy Affects Your Teeth


YOUR TEETH are paying the price for the sour trend and our team continues to see the damage…

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Regular Exercise Can Protect And Strengthen Your Smile


PHYSICAL FITNESS can greatly contribute to your dental health. It can also improve your mood, help you manage stress and increase brainpower…

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What Might A Toothache Have To Do With A Stuffy Nose?


IF YOU’RE PRONE TO SINUS INFECTIONS you may not think to visit with us. Well, perhaps you should…

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To Moms Everywhere… Thanks For The Smiles


THE NEXT TIME YOU EAT, brush, or floss, stop and think about who it was that taught you to do so…

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Stay Healthy And Save Money With Preventative Dental Care


YES, WE ALL LIVE ON BUDGETS, right? When life throws us a curve ball, it can be tempting…

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