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How’s Your Nightly Brushing Routine Going?


IT HAPPENS TO THE BEST OF US… Our good intention to go through our nightly oral hygiene ritual…

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Keeping Your Smile White And Bright


IMAGINE A BRAND-NEW, white t-shirt. Clean and bright, right? But how will it look after you wear it every day…

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A Puny Straw Can Pack Powerful Protection


A STRAW? HOW ON EARTH can a straw help protect my smile? Well, it’s pretty…

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5 Items To Have On Hand In Case Of A Dental Emergency


FORTUNE FAVORS THE PREPARED, so here are some tips for guarding…

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Should You Use An Electric Or Manual Toothbrush?


THE TOOTHBRUSH: One of the most basic, efficient tools of modern society! But as technology…

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While You Bathe In The Sun, What Do Your Teeth Bathe In?


WHEN IT’S WARM OUTSIDE we all enjoy our favorite warm weather foods and beverages…

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