The following testimonials are from real patients, and can be found on our Yelp page:

My appointment with Dr. Gottlieb was an amazing experience. He was very friendly and gave excellent treatment. I had a chipped lower front tooth. He fixed it and made sure that I was comfortable. I did not have dental insurance yet the costs were very reasonable. Cathy at the office called me multiple times and even let me know there was an earlier slot even though I didn’t take it. She was very helpful. I am glad that I came here and will totally recommend to anybody in Pittsburgh who needs a dentist. Particularly if you are a student or so.

Sooraj G.

Best. Dentist. Ever.

Adam M.

I gotta hand it to them. So here’s my story:

My top right wisdom tooth decided to start coming in about 3 years after I had my bottom 2 wisdom teeth taken out. I started getting pains in my wisdom tooth and then headaches (which I’m guessing were also from the toothaches). I panicked because since I turned 25 I was no longer on my parents’ insurance. I looked all over online and finally found Dr. Gottlieb’s office.

When I called, the person who answered the phone was very caring and concerned when I explained to her how it felt and what was going on. They squeezed me in to do some xrays and pull my wisdom tooth. The procedure was relatively painless, and even though I had a tooth pulled, my mouth feels infinitely times better than it did with that terrible decaying bad tooth in there. The price was much more reasonable than I thought it would be ($150 for the pull and $28 for the xrays).

I will be back to fix my fill-ins for my other teeth, and I’ll be back to make sure my mouth is in good shape.

Sharon W.

Best dentist ever. Going to the dentist is never fun, but he and his staff do an excellent job of keeping you comfortable. He truly cares about his patients and will only do the minimum medically necessary treatment to ensure you aren’t overpaying for things you don’t need. If he feels your teeth are in great shape, he will suggest a cleaning every year instead of every 6 months (even though that means you aren’t in the office as much, so less $$ for him). Now that I’m no longer in Pittsburgh I don’t know how I will ever find another dentist that’s as good as Dr. Gottlieb!

Erica C.

I am a medical professional, and not only is Dr. Gottlieb the best dentist I’ve ever been to, he’s the best medical professional I’ve ever been to.  He was not initially on my insurance plan, and I willingly paid cash to see him, and it was worth every penny.  Professional, attentive, great staff and a great work environment.  Every time I see him, in addition to feeling great about my care, I come away with new ideas about how I want to run my own office.

Gary C.