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4 Important Benefits Of Regular Dental CheckUps


IT MAY BE TEMPTING TO SKIP A DENTAL checkup now and then. But remember that regular checkups…

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Don’t Ignore Sleep Apnea Symptoms

ARE YOU GETTING THE SLEEP you need? Restless nights are unpleasant, but…

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3 Questions To Ask Yourself About Brushing


BRUSHING YOUR TEETH is so basic that most people don’t think about it much…

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Digital X-Rays Are Better For The Earth, AND Better For You

DENTAL X-RAYS ARE AN important part of your oral health care. Among other things…

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Quick Fixes For Awkward Dental Moments


IMAGINE YOU’RE AT AN important business dinner, or perhaps a first date. We…

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Real Smiles Versus Fake Smiles


WHILE A POLITE SMILE CAN help smooth over a social situation, an honest, from-the-heart smile can…

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