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Don’t Let Those Insurance Benefits Expire!

2017 IS ALMOST OVER, and that means it’s time to talk about dental insurance.

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The Benefits Of Brushing With An Electric Toothbrush

BRUSHING TWICE A DAY is important to keeping your smile healthy, but what can switching from a manual to an electric toothbrush do for…

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How Your Dentist Can Help With Sleep Apnea

FEELING A BIT TIRED at times during the day is completely normal. Some people, however…

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The “Musts,” “Shoulds,” And “Coulds” Of Dentistry

MANY OF OUR PATIENTS tend to wonder, “Which procedures are required, and which are optional?” We welcome this question!

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We Team Up With Other Healthcare Practices To Serve You

AS YOUR LIFELONG DENTAL HEALTH PARTNER, we’re proud to play a role in your whole body health in collaboration with other healthcare practices.

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There Is More Than You Think To Get A Healthy Hollywood Smile

A BRIGHT, BEAUTIFUL SMILE is an advantage in every area of life…

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