Whitening Toothpastes vs. Professional Whitening

THERE ARE A LOT OF WHITENING TOOTHPASTES available, so why bother with professional teeth whitening? Let’s start with a couple of definitions.

Whitening vs. Bleaching

There’s a difference between tooth “whitening” and tooth “bleaching”.

Whitening can remove surface stains including those caused by coffee, smoking, or certain types of food. The ADA’s Seal Of Acceptance for most whitening toothpastes states “The product is effective in helping to…whiten teeth by removing surface stains.”

Bleaching can whiten your teeth beyond their natural color. Think of it this way… If your hair is covered in mud you can clean it with shampoo. But, if you want to actually lighten your hair you’re going to need a bleaching agent. Professional bleaching does more than remove stains—it truly makes teeth whiter.

Be Careful With Whitening Toothpastes

A lot of whitening toothpastes contain abrasives (meant to scrub stains) that can irritate gums and wear down tooth enamel. Some should NOT be used more than once a day. Make sure to read labels. For a truly whiter smile, your best bet is professional bleaching.

We Offer A Variety Of Professional Whitening Options

Whiter teeth lead to more smiles and more confidence! Your whitening service begins first with an appointment to discuss the options that are available both over the counter and what we can do for you in our practice. Everyone’s tooth shade issues and concerns are different. We recommend this first visit because it’s important in determining what’s best for you. We look forward to seeing you!

Please contact us with any questions you may have or to set up a smile whitening appointment. Feel free to call us or message us on Facebook.

We’re excited to help beautify your smile!

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