Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Keep You From A Healthy Smile

HAS IT BEEN A WHILE since you visited the dentist? Does anxiety or worry about discomfort account for your absence? If fear is preventing you from enjoying the health benefits of regular dental appointments, here’s our plea: give us a chance to change your mind!

Let Us Help You Stop The Cycle

Far too many of us get caught in a terrible cycle. Out of fear, we procrastinate dental visits resulting in tooth decay or gum disease. Faced with the prospect of dental treatment, we once again avoid care, which leads to further decay, disease and even pain or discomfort.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have simple, easy checkups—and dental health peace of mind after each visit?

We’ve worked successfully to restore the health of many anxious patients, and we can help you too!

We’ll Work With You To Make Sure You’re Comfortable And Relaxed

Let’s face it, nobody likes going to the dentist, but our trained staff will do anything they can to make your appointments pleasant and comfortable as possible. We will not do dental work if you feel anything and will stop treating immediately. Unfortunately, we can not get rid of the vibrations, smells and noise. Headphones are an option and we have TV’s in each operatory to help as a distraction.

For severely anxious patients, sedation is an option by having a licensed dental anesthesiologist come to the office.

Find Your Happy Place At Our Dental Office

We know it may sound too simple to be true, but we believe that you should enjoy your visits with us! We’ll work with you and plan a way to make you comfortable with your dental care. Give us a call, or share this message with a friend.

Thanks for trusting our practice with your dental needs.

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